Application Process

Application Process for Dental Foundation Training by Equivalence

.Supervisors undertake the same assessment / interview process as Dental Foundation Trainers. This takes place twice a year, one tranche at the same time as the substantive Dental Foundation trainer application, and a second tranche in early summer of each year.


  1. All dentists wishing to apply for Dental Foundation Training by Equivalence (DFTQ) should look at the National Performers List application form, available for download via
  2. The dentist applies to the Area Team or its agent for entry onto AT Performers List. For DFTQ this will include the competency portfolio of evidence covering the required professional, managerial and clinical competency domains. The applicant must keep the original copy themselves as no copies will be returned.
  3. AT or its agent notifies HEE EoE of a request and submits the following documentation;
    • Competency Assessment Application Form and Data Protection Agreement (1 copy)
    • Copy of National Performers List Application Form (1 copy)
    • Copy of CV (1 copy)
    • Copy of 2 clinical references (4 copies of each)
    • Copy of applicants competency portfolio (4 copies)
  4. At HEE EOE the Dental Workforce SUpport Advisor (DWSA) convenes an assessment panel of three members
  5. The Assessment panel considers evidence (email and/or tele-conference)
  6. The Assessment panel makes a decision and the DWSA completes a Panel Report for the Director of Postgraduate Dental Education to sign off. This will say whether equivalence has been demonstrated or that a period of supervised training is required
  7. Director of Postgraduate Dental Education makes a recommendation and this will be sent to the AT
  8. AT or its agent notifies dentist of decision (see Decision below)
  9. AT or its agent will complete the statutory checks and notify the applicant of their proposed Performer List status (whether 'in Foundation Training' or 'full')
  10. If supervised training is required, the AT or its agent will notify the applicant and the proposed supervised training practice
  11. The proposed supervised training practice must apply directly to HEE EoE for assessment, which will include;
    • Completion and submission of the relevant Supervisor Application Forms
    • Proposed Supervisor interview
    • Practice inspection
  12. When the proposed supervised training practice has been approved, HEE EoE will notify the AT or its agent so that the applicant can enter the Performers List as a ‘Performer-in-Training’ and the supervised training can commence
  13. Please note that HEE EoE does not have funding to support this supervised training; the funding choices are:
    • a) approaching the AT in the respective area to see if they can help
    • b) co-funding with the prospective Supervisor
    • c) the performer-in-training funding the process themselves

The likely cost of a full years training programme could be up to £5,000.

(If the proposed supervised training practice and/or the Supervisor are not approved as suitable for supervised training, HEE EoE will notify the AT or its agent so that alternative arrangements can be sought. The applicant will normally have to find another potential supervised training practice and/or supervisor).

For more information regarding the Supervisor application process please see Supervisor Information and Application Forms here.


Competency Portfolio Evidence

All evidence in the portfolio must be specific to the applicant. It must be compiled with relevance to the list of competences and not include unnecessary paperwork. Evidence which would be deemed suitable would include:

  • a) All certification relating to verifiable CPD courses
  • b) Copies of audits or peer reviews undertaken by the applicant
  • c) Copies of written policies that the applicant has adhered to in previous posts or preferably obtained from the practice in which they wish to work
  • d) A full record of their Personal Development Plan with a reflective log of courses attended in the recent past
  • e) CV

It would also be helpful if the applicant included a CV in the introductory section of their application.

Assessment Panel

The panel will normally consist of:

  • The Dental Workforce Support Adviser at HEE EoE
  • Two DFT Advisers or one Adviser and an AT Dental Practice Adviser

Potential conflicts of interest should be notified to the Director of Postgraduate Dental Education or the Dental Workforce Support Adviser before the Panel commences its deliberations.


The panel will examine the application, and compare the dentist's previous training and experience with the published competency framework. The framework is also included at the end of this section.

The report of the panel will define an appropriate programme of supervised training with regard to content and timeframe. If necessary, the Director of Postgraduate Dental Education will be consulted before reaching this decision.

HEE EoE will keep records of all cases and decisions and will produce an annual audit report of activity and outcomes, to assist in refining the process.


The process from HEE EoE receiving the portfolio for assessment to issuing a result or determination should take no more than four weeks maximum in most cases.


The panel may recommend:

  • That the dentist's training and experience is equivalent to the published competency framework and he/she should be admitted to the Performers List, or
  • That further evidence should be submitted to the Assessment Panel before a decision can be made, or
  • That a defined programme of supervised training should be undertaken and completed.


The panel should report back via the Director of Postgraduate Dental Education to the AT, the report will detail the decision reached and outline the areas that need to be addressed during the training period before a re-submission for assessment is made.