The Lead Employer

We are extremely pleased to announce St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as the new Lead Employer for GP and Public Health specialty trainees and faculty.

As of 1 February 2017 the Lead Employer for General Practice trainees is St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. As a GP Trainee joining the Programme, you will be employed for the duration of your General Practice training by St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This will give you consistent terms and conditions for your employment although you will need to comply with the work place policies in each post in which you work.

St Helens and Knowsley NHS Teaching Hospitals Trust will handle any employment issues and provide a contract of employment to cover the duration of your General Practice Training. Each Trainee will receive an offer of employment from the Trust before starting the first post and you should receive a contract of employment within eight weeks of your start date. All absences including sick leave, maternity leave etc must be reported to St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as your employer.   This is your responsibility as otherwise it may lead to you being paid incorrectly.

The offer of employment is separate from the allocation of a place on a training programme which you will have already received from HEE. The contract of employment sets out the main terms and conditions of service including pay, annual leave, notice periods and the details of the out of hours work that you will be expected to carry out.

St Helens and Knowsley NHS Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust will contact you with regard to completing pre-employment checks, occupational health information, the Disclosure & Barring Service (previously CRB), relevant commencement of employment forms, bank details and immigration status.

Once all pre-employment checks have been completed we will also provide confirmation of the checks to the appropriate NHS England local office which will assist you with your application for the National Performers List.

Lead Employer and New Trainee Contract Presentation
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HR Direct

As your employer St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust want to make sure you can access all the information you need  and keep in touch with developments and the benefits open to you as an employee.

HR Direct is St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust's online information-sharing portal where Hosts and Trainees can access our policies and processes:

To login into this site as a Trainee please use the login details below:

Username and Password: leademployer

Host Trusts will be given individual log ins and GP Practices will use the generic log in above. Host Trusts and GP Practices will be able to access rotation and management information (including confirmation that pre-employment checks are complete, any health restrictions, attendance management issues etc.)

Professional Indemnity Insurance

For those joining the GP Training Programme from August 2013, HEE have arranged and paid for Professional Indemnity cover for the full three years of your GP training. This will ensure adequate and appropriate indemnity is in place for your entire programme whether in hospital or general practice.


Each Trainee will need to provide proof of membership with a medical defence organisation. This is a mandatory requirement and you will not be able to see patients without it. The provider will contact you directly to provide you with confirmation of cover.

HEE have arranged your professional indemnity with Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS). MDDUS are an independent mutual organisation offering expert medico-legal advice, dento-legal advice and professional indemnity for doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals throughout the UK.

Please see our short FAQ sheet attached to the left.  For further information please visit their website -

Disclosure and Barring Service

A new DBS check will be required at the start of your training programme.  This is required for pre-employment check purposes and for your application for the National Performers List.

From June 2013 changes to the CRB system were introduced. The details can be found at here.

Part of the new system is the ability for an individual to subscribe to the DBS update system. This means that a doctor on a longer training programme can apply once in their training programme and the check will be portable.

The new service has significant benefit for the employee. The responsibility for paying the cost of the DBS check now lies with the employee. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) update service lets trainees keep their DBS certificates up to date online and allows employers to check a certificate online. There is no reimbursement for the fee paid for the update service.

Honorary Contracts

The main contract of employment is issued to the trainee by St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This will contain information on annual leave and study leave entitlement, salary, incremental date, HR policies etc.

Honorary Contract -

It is the responsibility of the practice to arrange for the honorary contract to be completed with the trainee.  This consists of three parts; the first being the secondment to the practice; the second and third are the educational and trainer’s agreements. This must be returned to HEE no later than one month after the placement starts. If you are unsure of your GP Trainees placement dates, please contact your Medical Education Centre.

Please be advised that we require one honorary contract per placement.  For example, if a trainee has a 4 month innovative placement followed by a 4 month full time placement, we will require one contract per placement. 

We require one honorary contract per training year.  For example, if a trainee has a 12 month post, 6 months in ST2 and 6 months in ST3.  We will require one contract for the first 6 months placement and then another contract for the second 6 month placement.

We require one honorary contract per 12 month period.  For example, for an 18 month placement, we will require an honorary contract for the first 12 months of the placement and then a second contract for the remaining 6 months, to be received by the office on or after the placement start date.

Should a trainee be granted an extension of training with the same practice then we will NOT require a further honorary contract.  We will just require an email informing us of the extension, detailing the placement dates and the advised WTE percentage.  Please note that this only applies to ST3 trainees who have received an extension past the set 3 years of training.

If your trainee is on an Innovative Post (ITP), this is classed as a full time GP post at 100% and the trainers grant will be paid at this rate to the practice. They are not working less than full time. Please ensure this is reflected on the honorary contract.

Please note that if your trainee is working less than full time (LTFT), please ensure that they have received approval from HEE.  If your trainee does not have LTFT approval then the training grant will not be paid.   For further information on LTFT please visit their webpage or contact the LTFT team at

Templates – 

Honorary Contract Template     Honorary Contract Guidance Document

Trainers Grant -

The trainers grant will be paid directly to the practice from HEE. Once you have returned the Honorary Contract to the GP School, this will be authorised. The reason for this is to ensure the trainee is placed with an approved trainer and practice. We also need to ensure the placement dates are correct and match our records.

We now pay the trainers grant in full for placements up to 12 months. For example, if you have a trainee for a six month period, you will receive the full six months grant in one payment.

Invoice/Payment -

You will receive an e-mail from the GP School which confirms authorisation of the honorary contract and to submit your invoice (template will be provided on the e-mail) to SBS Wakefield. The payment will be made via BACS directly into the practice bank account.

Please submit your invoice to SBS Wakefield as soon as you receive authorisation from the GP School. We will no longer be chasing you to submit an invoice; therefore this could result in you missing out on these allowances.  

Please note that these invoices MUST be received within the correct financial year in order for them to processed and paid.

Trainees may of course leave a placement in general practice early for a variety of reasons. HEE will make the full payment for the stated period as a benefit to practices’ cash flow. If for whatever reason the trainee is removed we would expect outstanding monies to be repaid to HEE promptly.

Occupational Health Referrals

It is important to involve a trainee's employer in any occupational health referral so that appropriate information can be shared by the trainees employer where necessary with placement providers and HEE. St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as a lead employer have generally not received information where TPDs have referred to local providers. Equally The GP school view is that TPDs have experienced inconsistent levels of understanding and consequently advice from occupational health providers.

Therefore this new system should simplify the arrangements for TPDs when seeking occupational health advice. Referrals will be assessed by St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust's occupational health department and appointments arranged at one of four participating departments around the East of England. This should minimise inconvenience for trainees while concentrating experience amongst a smaller group of occupational health physicians. The new arrangements should promote greater expertise and consistency.

Please therefore do NOT make any occupational health referrals to your local Trust from now onwards, instead contact St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust via the details below. Should any further local occupational health referrals be made they will no longer be funded.    

Karen Brayley, Head of Health, Work and Well-Being

01514 301985 –

Study Leave

Study Leave Guidance Notes


Study leave enables trainees to direct their own learning, meet their educational needs as set out in their personal development plan and cover the wide range of knowledge and skills required by the RCGP curriculum.

These guidance notes should be read in conjunction with the Study Leave Policy.

Study Leave Allowances

As a GP trainee you have an annual study leave entitlement of 30 days including the half day release and a maximum budget of £600 per year of full-time training. Part-time trainees are entitled to study leave and a study leave budget on a pro-rata basis.  If you have any queries relating to your current study leave allowance then please contact The GP School.

Study Leave Requests: Hospital Based Posts

While working in a hospital post you will have to follow the local trust’s procedure to apply for study leave using the trust’s application form. The course will need approval from the DME or Clinical Supervisor.

Study Leave Requests: Practice Based Posts

The study time out should be approved by the practice manager to ensure that this fits in with the clinical rotas and that at the course approved by your Educational Supervisor.

Study Leave Claiming Process (St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust​ GP Trainees)

Following attendance to the advised course/event, you will need to complete the GP Study Leave and Expenses Claim Form signed in the relevant boxes and provide the following evidence to support your claim -

- a copy of the certificate of attendance

- a copy of any relevant receipts

- a copy of the approval email from the GP Practice OR the request form from the Medical Education Department (hospital posts only)

This information will then need to be submitted to the GP School at with the subject field 'Study Leave Claim' followed by your name.  Please note that this study leave and expenses claim form must be signed by yourself AND your Educational Supervisor otherwise this will not be accepted.

Please note that you must submit your expenses within one month of the course/event date and within the correct financial year in order for them to processed and paid.  Any claims received outside of these dates will not be paid.

The GP School will process your claim form within three months of the date of receipt of your study leave and expenses claim form.  Once HEE approval has been given you will receive a confirmation email and the GP School will forward the details onto the Lead Employer who will include these funds in the next available payroll.

If you have any queries please contact:

Travel Expenses
What can you claim?

You can claim for business mileage incurred, including one return journey from home to your base of work per day, provided you subsequently use your car for official business that same day.   This is subject to a maximum of 10 miles each way.

If you use your car to attend training, such as your day release course, or for Out of Hours visits (OOH), then claim the difference between your normal home-to-base mileage and the home-to-training base return mileage.

What are the rates?
Regular User Up to 1,000cc 1,001 - 1,500cc Over 1,500cc
Annual lump sum £508 £626 £760
Up to 9,000 miles 29.7p/mile 36.9p/mile 44p/mile
Thereafter 17.8p/mile 20.1p/mile 22.6p/mile
Standard User (no lump sum payable) Up to 1,000cc 1,001 - 1,500cc Over 1,500cc
Up to 3,500 miles 37.4p/mile 47.3p/mile 58.3p/mile
Thereafter 17.8p/mile 20.1p/mile 22.6p/mile
 Public transport: 24p per mile
 Passenger rate: 5p per mile for each passenger
For example:

Home to practice = 14 miles return Home to postgraduate centre = 30 miles return

Claimable travel expenses = 30 - 14 = 16 miles.

How do you claim?

You need to record any business mileage incurred in your time employed as a GP Registrar.  St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are currently working with the national system providers for E-Expenses to develop the system for use by Lead Employer Trainees. In the interim of the launch of the system, to claim Business Mileage and Expenses, each Trainee must complete a Business Mileage Claim Spreadsheet and email the spreadsheet to the relevant authoriser at their Host Organisation as per the Host’s authorisation process. The authoriser at the Host Organisation must then complete the relevant sections of the spreadsheet and send the completed spreadsheet on email to by Payroll deadline.

Please note that spreadsheets can only be accepted from the authorisers email address unless an electronic signature is provided on the spreadsheet as the email acts as authorisation in the absence of an electronic signature. If any Trainees who have transferred to StHK Lead Employer from 1st February 2017 have payments outstanding, they can be processed within 3 months of the date of the journey.

Any queries regarding business mileage and expenses must be directed to the approver of your claim in the first instance.