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Essex Equip

Essex Equip runs courses which may be of interest, please click here which will direct you to their site for the latest courses available


Courses and Events

Below is a list of courses/workshops/seminars for continuing professional development for GP’s at all stages of their career. There is the opportunity to meet other local healthcare professionals


Course and Events for Trainers


Becoming an Educator in Primary Care

Peer Review Meeting
On the 10th February 2016 – we held a peer review meeting for all trainers that were due re-approval in 2016. We thought that it would be a good idea to be able to do this as a group and it is valid for three years. Following the meeting we had a dinner for the networking and strengthening of professional bonds.
Re-Approval Day
On the 23rd November 2016 – We held the local Re-approval day to approve 14 trainers and GP Practices. Dr Roger Tisi, Dr Subir Ghost, Dr Sunil Gupta, Dr Elizabeth Field (trainee) and Jenny Mock were on the Panel for the day.
Trainer Day 2017
on the 1st February 2017 – A GP Trainer Day has been arranged for the Trainers to discuss how each practice deals with their trainees and overview of GP Training as a whole. Topics include: Review periods, Effective ESR’s and Induction timetables. A dinner will take place in the evening for networking.
The yearly ARCP will be taking place on 14th June 2017.
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