Why Chelmsford?

Recruitment - Why Choose Chelmsford?

On this page you will find all the reasons why the Chelmsford Programme is an excellent choice!


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Here’s what our trainees say…

ST3 Trainees

“I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been provided.  This certainly includes this excellent GP training scheme and the set-up for running it. With regard to GP practice and professional life, then the best aspects are the variety of conditions and people you meet as well as the independence and versatility of your role. Essex offers a unique combination of hustle-and-bustle and slower pace of life. So in addition to having the weekend to yourself and your family, you can take pleasure in all the city attractions mingled with the appeal of the countryside and the open spaces.  With good planning and foresight, one can find first-class schools for both primary and secondary education. Finally, there is no shortage of places of interest and spots to go to and enjoy. The seaside is a mere 30 min drive away and the people living here are friendly and pleasant.”


“I am a ST3, having returned to Essex to complete my training. The Chelmsford scheme offers a diverse mix of city and rural practices. Although it might not look it on the map, we’re only 30 mins by train from Liverpool Street – which is probably quicker than some areas within London. The trainers are keen to help & support, the annual residential is well worth attending. You also get a training budget to spend on courses of your choosing. Why have the hassle and expense of training and commuting in London, when you can have all the benefits, and none of the hassle in Chelmsford.”

Qualified GP Aug 2014

"The Chelmsford GPST programme is run by a very keen and supportive team of experienced GPs and Trainers who strive to provide the best hospital and GP based training programmes possible. Teaching is well protected to allow as many GP trainees as possible to attend relevant sessions, and there is the annual GP residential programme which is a great opportunity to know colleagues and peers better. Through my time in the Chelmsford GPST I have been able to look at other areas of potential specialist interest and have been supported and encouraged positively to do so.”

ST1 Trainee

“I am a GP trainee in my first year of the GPST programme in Chelmsford. I would highly recommend choosing a scheme in Essex as it is a pleasant and exciting place to live, being a commutable distance to London and generally quite accessible. There is lots to do in the area, from shopping to enjoying the annual V festival! General practice is a fulfilling and rewarding career choice for anyone who enjoys continuity of care with their patients and is able to adapt to a variety of clinical conditions. The training scheme in Chelmsford is a fantastic one and I am so pleased I chose it.”