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Health Education East of England has four Workforce Partnerships who are each integral parts of the LETB. Each Partnership has responsibility to lead workforce planning and education commissioning, on behalf of all providers of NHS funded care, within a local geographically defined area; ensuring security of supply of the local health and care workforce and supporting national workforce priorities set by HEE.

The four WPs are:

At an operational level the WPs are led by a Director and the Delivery Unit team.  Formal business is carried out through each of the WP’s in their Executive Steering Groups which are chaired by a CEO from one of the local provider organisations. Members of the Group represent the communities they serve rather than their employer organisation.

Each of the WPs have some elements of standardisation to their structure to promote consistency, sharing of best practice and cross boundary working across the whole of our region. Standard posts apply across the WPs: Director, Head, Education lead, Programme Manager, Programme Support, Pre Professional leads, and Practice Education Facilitators. Each WP then has the flexibility to build in posts to their own locality which suits the needs of their provider organisations and communities they serve.

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