Recent changes to the SAS Lead role has introduced SAS Specialty Leads. Each major specialty will have a Specialty Lead assigned whose responsibilities include focusing on specialty specific development for SAS Doctors in their specialty.

Funding is available to SAS Specialty Leads to organise specialty specific courses and to support development of specialty specific skills. These courses and training events are offered across the region for all SAS Doctors of that specialty to attend. Emergency Medicine has had a Specialty Lead for SAS Doctors appointed since Jan 2014, and since then has celebrated some great successes in the development of Emergency Medicine SAS Doctors.

Dr Suman Raj Bandela
Emergency Medicine
Dr Aman Khan
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Sajida Ajjawi
Dr Rupal Shenoy
Dr Vasi Sundaresan
Rachna Bansal
Dr Vamsi Velchuru