How will I know I have been offered a post?

All offers this year will be made via the Oriel system. Please check your Oriel account regularly for updates. Please note that emails generated by the Oriel system may be sent to your junk mail folder. If you are unsure of how to accept offers, please refer to the Oriel applicant guide (available from the resources section of your Oriel account).

The dates offers are being released will be available on our website, on the Recruitment Timetable listed in each specialty.

Can I choose where I work if successful at gaining an offer of a post?
Applicants may wish to preference a particular geography within the East of England. Applicants are able to select a number of geographical preferences via the Oriel System, and are advised to preference all locations of interest. Following the interviews allocation to posts will be based on the candidates interview score, ranking order and location preferences.
Will my offer include details of where I will be based?
We will endeavour to give you as much information as possible in your offer email. As a principle your offer letter is likely to include the subunit of application that you have been allocated to. Please try and be patient when waiting for details of the Trust you have been allocated, we will update you as soon as we are given this information from your Training Programme Director. ​
How does the offer process work?
Following the interview process applicants will be informed of 3 possible outcomes:
  1. Applicant is successful and is recommended for appointment.
  2. Applicant is unsuccessful at gaining recommendation for an appointment, but scored sufficiently highly to be deemed appointable and is on a reserve list should a higher ranked candidate decline the post. Applicants are advised they can reapply in subsequent phases.
  3. Applicant is deemed unsuccessful on this occasion for a post at this stage. Applicants are advised they can reapply in subsequent recruitment phases.

For up to date information on the offers process for Specialty Training (England) please see the Applicant Handbook and helpful guidance on the Specialty Training Website.

If you offer me a job how long will I have to decide about it?

Health Education England guidance currently gives candidates 48 hours, excluding weekends, to respond to an offer of a training post. Failure to do so will automatically update the status of your post to ‘declined’. All offers will include details of deadlines for acceptance.  If you accept an offer you will automatically be withdrawn from all other applications you have made on the Oriel system.

Friday, 17 May, 2019
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Friday, 17 May, 2019