Further Information and Useful Links
  1. How can I find more out about Specialty Training and Run Through training?

    Detailed information is available from the Specialty Training Website. Furthermore, information is available from the various Legal College/Faculty websites.

  2. Where can I find your policies?

    For our local policies please see - Link to HEEoE policies page

    For National policies please see - Link to HEE website


Other Useful links

Organisation Description
BMA The British Medical Association supports doctors in the UK
Department of Health Provides health and social care policy, guidance and publications for NHS and social care professionals.
Medical Careers NHS Medical Careers is a four-step career planning guide designed to assist you in understanding your options for choosing your future career as a doctor in the NHS.
Medical Specialty Training (England) Information about the structure of NHS Recruitment.
NHS Employers NHS Employers represent trusts in England on workforce issues and helps employers to ensure the NHS is a place where people want to work.
GMC The GMC has taken over the functions formerly undertaken by the Postgraduate Education and Training Board (PMETB) and so has responsibility for regulating both the Foundation Programme and Specialty including GP training.
UK Border Agency The UK Border Agency is responsible for securing the United Kingdom borders and controlling migration in the United Kingdom.
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