How can I find out about the vacancies you are advertising?

Please see our Recruitment page for further details on all training programmes for the current round of recruitment.

All of our current vacancies will also be available on Oriel. Once you have created and logged into your account, you can filter HEEoE as the unit of application if you would like to apply for vacancies within our LETB

When can I apply?

Round 1 and Round 2 dates are set nationally, however other recruitment campaigns applicable to East of England may have varying opening and closing dates. We will update the website with any information as soon as it is available to us. You will also be able to see closing dates for vacancies on Oriel.

How do I apply?

Oriel is the recruitment portal to be used for applying.

Applications will only be accepted using Oriel. CVs will not be accepted at any stage of the recruitment process.

The specialty I want to apply to is not listed in the vacancies on the Health Education East of England website

There will usually be 2 rounds of recruitment in a year.  Each of these rounds will have posts re-advertised if there are still gaps to fill.

If the specialty you wish to apply to is not listed in the current live round, it may be available in subsequent recruitment phases and we advise you to check our website regularly. It may be that the specialty you want to apply for is recruited to elsewhere nationally; please see the Specialty Training Website for details

I missed the closing date for submitting my application, can I still apply?
​Should any vacancies be available in the re-advertised recruitment round you will be welcome to apply at that stage.

Health Education England East of England, Lead LETB’s and Colleges have strict policies and will not accept applications after the submission date and time.

Where can I get guidance on completing the online application form?

Advice is available throughout the online application in the form of help text. There is also an Oriel applicant’s guide available to download from the homepage when you log into your Oriel account.

How many applications can I submit?
There are no restrictions on the number of specialties you can apply to. However, it is important you ensure you meet the essential criteria for each specialty. You can check on the Specialty Training Website and viewing the person specification for the specialty you want to apply for.
Applicants can only submit a maximum of one application for each advertised vacancy.
Do I need supporting evidence which demonstrates the competences I declared in my application?
Yes, you will be required to upload the evidence to your application before you submit it –please make sure you refer to the Competence Evidence section of these FAQs for details of what evidence you will need to provide. You will also need to provide the hard copies of your evidence if you’re invited to interview.
Can I amend my application form once it’s been submitted?
You will only be able to amend your contact details and referee’s. You will not be able to amend any other section of the application form once you have submitted it. Therefore it is extremely important for you to read through your application carefully prior to submission. Once submitted your application will be automatically acknowledged. Please note this does not indicate that you are deemed eligible to proceed to shortlisting
What if I have Fitness to Practice issues?

If you make a Fitness to Practise declaration on your application form then you should email further information about this to the lead recruiter and the LETB/Deanery that you will be interviewed in (where this differs from the lead recruiter).  Supporting information should be emailed prior to the application closing date.  Failure to provide this by the closing date may result in your application being withdrawn.

Your supporting information should contain:

  • The specialties and levels you have applied to
  • Your full name
  • Your application ID
  • An outline of the events leading up to your Fitness to Practise issue
  • Your reflection on the events and the outcome

For Health Education East of England please email all details to Recruitment Helpdesk

I’ve previously been removed from or resigned from a training programme, can I still apply?

Re-application to Specialty

Specialty training posts and programmes are not normally available to any doctor whom has previously relinquished or been removed from that training post/programme.

When applying for a post the declaration section of the application form will ask the applicant if they have previously relinquished or been released or removed from a training programme for the specialty to which they are applying.

If the applicant answers yes to this question they will need to provide full details of the resignation/release/removal from a training programme to the recruiting organisation by email at the point of application.  This should be provided on the Support for Reapplication to a Specialty Training Programme form, approved by both the Head of School/Training Programme Director and Postgraduate Dean in the region where training was previously undertaken.  A list of appropriate signatories is available.

The Support for Reapplication to a Specialty Training Programme form should be uploaded and submitted at time of application.  It can also be submitted to a given confidential email address, if requested, after application submission.

Trainees currently working in the specialty, applying to continue their training in another region, without a break in service will be required to submit a Support for Reapplication of Specialty Training in a Different Region form.

What happens if I am a research trainee?

Research will continue to be a feature of the person specifications for all levels. This is to ensure that if you have made the career choice to undertake research, you are not disadvantaged.

Doctors in specialty training can also take 'time out' to undertake research, but this should be in order to pursue a formal research qualification (e.g. MD or PhD). If you are considering an academic research career, you should seek advice from your postgraduate dean.

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