Quality Management and Improvement Visits


Quality and Performance Review (QPR)

Each employing organisation (trust) across the east of England who provides educational/training placements will have a Quality and Performance Review (QPR) monitoring visit as part of the QIPF process every three years. The purpose of the QPR is to review the trusts performance against the Learning and Development Agreement (LDA). This includes the General Medical Council (GMC) and non-medical commissioned programme standards and the quality measures defined through the QIPF. The reviews triangulate the evidence gathered through HEE EoE’s quality management processes, to ensure that the quality of the education and training within our employer organisations and our education providers is continually improved.


  • Three-yearly
  • Multi-professional
  • Led by Postgraduate Dean or Deputy
  • Involving HEE EoE and Senior Trust Teams
  • Substantial Visiting Team including Lay, Trainee and Student Representation
  • All day event

School / Medical Specialty

Along with the quality performance reviews for Trusts, HEE EoE are responsible for arranging a programme of visits to evaluate the quality of education and training in the medical specialities (school visit) within each of the education providers. The aim of the school visits is to facilitate improvements and disseminate good practice. The outcomes and recommendations of the school visits are a fundamental part of the overarching quality performance review. A member of the Quality Administration Team is responsible for working with the relevant Head of School and arranging a regular programme of school visits that includes the co-ordination and distribution of documentation.


  • Three-yearly (unless specified otherwise due to local concerns)
  • Led by Head of School
  • Involving Trust Medical Education Team
  • Visiting team includes senior HEE EoE and trainee representation
  • Lay Representation included if required
  • Half day event

Enhanced Monitoring in conjunction with the GMC

The purpose of enhanced monitoring visits is to address areas identified at the Trust or Specialty level where there are major concerns with patient safety or curriculum delivery and the possibility of withdrawal of GMC recognition of the posts affected.


  • In response to a major cause for concern reported by HEE EoE to the GMC
  • Medical
  • Led by Deputy Dean in conjunction with Head of School
  • Involving Trust Medical Education Team
  • Visiting team includes Royal College, trainee and lay representation
  • All day event