Medical Quality Management

HEE EoE are statutorily responsible to the GMC for the delivery of postgraduate medical education and training for trainee doctors against the GMC’s postgraduate standards for training.

The process is defined by HEE EoE’s Quality Management Framework which utilises three interrelated elements; visits, surveys and data. These work interrelatedly, providing support for the maintenance and improvement of the delivery of high quality education and training.

The Quality Management Framework forms an integral part of HEE EoE’s Multi-Professional Quality Improvement and Performance Framework (QIPF) for the assessment of our Local Education Providers. Within QIPF the GMC standards and Key Performance Indicators for the delivery of commissioned undergraduate education through our partner Higher Education Institute (HEI) are mapped against each other.

In accordance with the requirements of the GMC, HEE EoE:

  • Participates in the delivery of the annual GMC National Training Survey of all its trainees and the dissemination and responses to the survey outcomes.
  • Appropriately applies for the approval of all specialty training programmes, training locations and GP trainers.

We report the outcomes of these processes annually in the Dean’s Report to the GMC.