Resilient Leadership Workshops

An interactive 2 hour workshop that will be delivered to trainee doctors, dentists and pharmacists, There will also be workshops aimed at educators.

Part of the criteria to attend is to have attended or watched the 4 webinars as it will help support this workshop.

Beyond the Barriers will be hosting the workshops. They will present additional techniques and tools to develop resilience and build capacity to thrive rather than merely survive in the face of challenge, adversity and pressure for example:

  • Strategies to go from destructive to supportive thinking
  • Top tips on overcoming adversity
  • Building emotional control
  • Managing your energy
  • How to learn from adversity and move on
  • Learn to how to control your physiological response (with a demonstration using biofeedback technology – cutting edge technology used by elite athletes and professionals from a variety of sectors
What will the workshop cover?

In summary, the workshop will give you:

  • an insight into your behavioural preferences which help to build resilience. You will understand what takes you from pressure to stress and importantly develop strategies to rebalance.
  • expand your knowledge on how you can use the RLE framework to overcome your challenges
What is the structure of the workshop?

Each interactive workshop is split to two parts:

Part 1 – Deep dive into RLE Awareness

  • Explore your behaviour preferences and how behaviour changes under pressure (RLE urgency spectrum)
  • Identify your stress triggers and warning signs whilst identifying your strengths that you can rely on under pressure
  • Understand others preferred behaviours and consequently how to improve relationships

Part 2 –  Using the RLE framework to support and solve real life challenges and scenarios

  • Those attending will be offered the opportunity to email in their main challenge, be that professionally or personally, and we will then use the RLE framework to overcome these scenarios in the BORs.
Are there any examples of scenarios being sent in from previous sessions?

Here are 2 examples from a previous workshop ran for an NHS trust:

Challenge 1:

I am struggling to make progress in pursuing my current goals in life. These are to get healthier and fitter by incorporating a number of daily habits. Getting more sleep, eating healthier and doing regular exercise.  In particular I am struggling with consistency, discipline and maintain motivation. I know working towards a healthier and fitter me will boost my resilience in the long term however in the short term I am finding it hard to stick with these things especially when I am not feeling particularly resilient. It feels like a bit of a vicious circle. I also know improving these aspects of my life will improve every aspect of my life and likely my performance throughout the day, both at work and at home.

RLE Framework:

Clarity of Direction - Goal Setting: What small bite size goals can you set for each area of your wellbeing that you want to focus on?

Authentic - Who can you share this with so that you can be accountable? Is there anyone who can support you on the journey eg  someone who can exercise with you so that you are accountable and have to turn up?

Intentional - What is your intention? Identify every single reason why you want this result. When you identify a reason keep asking yourself ‘if I get this what will it give me?’ until you get to the single most important reason why you want this result.

Challenge 2:

My new role requires me to pick up many issues that arise in the day to day running of a day centre. As a result, my planned day is always interrupted. Sometimes a bit, often a lot. I understand my role needs to be reactive to the situation and I enjoy the positive stress it brings.  But, I hate not getting tasks completed on the day I plan to get them done. One positive is that we are not allowed to take work home with us. It does however mean I often stay late and then mentally take the work home with me. I know it’s about balance, delegation and prioritising but I tend to take on extra and this then seems to encourage others to put more on me.

RLE Framework:

Leadership Presence: Authentic – what is stopping you from asking for support/saying no?

Clarity of Direction – how can you stay focused on what is important?

Awareness – Self – what can you do to help yourself not take work home mentally – boundaries work/home