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Medical Education in the East of England


Medical Education is the process that underpins the daily lives of Trainees in every Paediatric Department.

Each Paediatric Department is responsible for its own education programme and these are often run as much by Trainees as by Consultants. Trainees are encouraged to become involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate education at a local level through their department and education centres.

Departmental education is supported by the Trainee led regional ST1-3 and ST4-8 teaching day initiatives. The two trainee committees are responsible for more than twenty education and simulation days per year, funded by the School of Paediatrics. These committees represent an excellent opportunity for Paediatric Trainees to gain unmatched experience in organising and delivering postgraduate medical education.  They recruit new members each year, so look out for more information by email, on the EoE Paeds Facebook page, and on Twitter @eastpaeds.

For those interested in furthering their formal learning in medical education, the School of Paediatrics supports a number of trainees every year with funding for the University of Cambridge Integrated Foundation in Medical Education (IFME), as well as part time Postgraduate Certificates/Diplomas/Masters in Medical Education with world class courses held locally in Cambridge, Bedford, and UEA.

There are currently two ST1-3 Academic Education Fellows in Paediatrics based within the East of England. As part of their three-year programme they attend the Masters course in Medical Education at UEA and have an undergraduate teaching role, with 25% of their time protected for Education.

Other education initiatives within the East of England include written examination courses, mock clinical examinations, MRCPCH clinical examination host centres, an undergraduate question writing group, and many subspecialty education days such as the Community Paediatrics study days.  

If you are interested in Medical Education, get in touch with your trainee committee or the Education Fellows to find out more.