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Dental Nurses

These pages of the HEE Midland website are for Dental Nurses. Since the implementation of Statutory Registration with the General Dental Council for all DCPS on 31 July 2006, it is essential that Dental Nurses have access to information which is relevant to their needs and thus ensures they are working within the GDC requirements.

Information is presented here which will help you keep up to date with the GDC requirements and help to support you in accessing the education and training you need to embark on the career pathway of a dental nurse and if you are already qualified, there is information that will support you in fulfilling the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements ensuring you maintain your GDC registration.

There are several pathways to dental nurse registration; these all require the student dental nurse to have access to work-based learning in a dental practice. In most cases this is through employment as a student (trainee) dental nurse at a dental practice, alternatively some training providers do arrange work placements with local dental practices. However, this is not available with the majority of training providers in the Midlands and East Therefore, it is recommended that potential students contact the training provider directly for further information. Qualification and registration in dental nursing cannot be achieved without demonstrating work-based competence, whether the chosen route is the NEBDN National Certificate for Dental Nurses or the Advanced Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing (NVQ route).

There are several organisations which can provide further information for Dental Nurses. Some of them are listed on the Information page.

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