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GP Tutors
Basildon   Dr Kashaf Mahmood
Bedford Having been a hospital doctor in an acute specialty and then switching to a career in GP, my keen interest is in bridging the interface between Primary and Secondary care.Practice of evidence based medicine ,supporting educational needs of GPs with regards to managing appraisals and revalidation and the GP retainer scheme are of particular interest.I am a GP partner,appraiser and GP tutor for Bedfordshire (from 2014) Dr Vinita Manjure
I have been a  GP Tutor since 2012. I am also a part time GP, appraiser and trainer. I have an interest in the GP retainer scheme, GP appraisal and supporting doctors in difficulty. Dr Paula Yapp 
Great Yarmouth   Dr Emma Brandon
Harlow   Dr Cyrus Fernandes
Huntingdon   Dr Ian Sweetenham
Ipswich I have been the Primary Care Tutor for Suffolk since 2002. My interests include: (1) teaching evidence-based practice in primary care and commissioning (2) supporting doctors in need. My other educational and professional development work includes (1) teaching medical undergraduates and postgraduates at UEA (2) clinical skills assessment particularly for the MRCGP. Please look up the angliangp web site, a resource for GPs’ educational and professional development needs, various educational schemes and for appraisals/revalidation. Dr Kevork Hopayian
Kings Lynn

I have been the GP Tutor for W. Norfolk since 2004 and I was previously the Programme Director for the King's Lynn GP Training Scheme. I am a sessional GP, a tutor at the Norwich Medical School and a GP Appraiser. I am also a coach/mentor for students and GPs.

Dr Nilesh Patel
Peterborough  I have been a GP Tutor for Peterborough since 1991. During this time I have seen CPD change dramatically. I am involved (with my friend and colleague, Cosmas) in arranging education & training from practice to regional level.. I am also a Senior appraiser for the Area Team, as well as an Appraiser since it’s inspection. Dr Harshad Mistry
  Dr Cosmas Nnochiri
Southend I have been a Primary Care Tutor for South East Essex since 2006. I am also a trainer, appraiser, RCGP Essex Faculty Board Member and CPR CCG Board Member. My interests include: (1) Primary Care education and GP appraisal (2) GP Commissioning (3) Primary Care workforce planning and GP Retainer programme (4) Supporting First5 GPs. Dr Biju Kuriakose


  Dr Robin Christie
  Dr Melanie Hodgson
West Herts   Dr Hannah Cowling 
Primary Care Tutors
North East Essex   Miss Jayne Hiley