Round 2 ACF Vacancies 2017


Recruitment to NIHR and Local ACF Posts will be begin on Wednesday 25 January 2017 and the closing date for applications will be Wednesday 22 February 2017.  Please note: General Practice has a different application window. The majority of shortlisting and interviews will take place between February and March 2017. Offers will be made as soon as possible after interviews.

Post numbers and dates are indicative. Details may be amended throughout the recruitment process.

Please note: for 2017, in addition to the academic interviews, candidates will be required to attend and pass a clinical interview for the specialty they are applying to for academic training, if appropriate. Offers made will therefore be conditional upon meeting the required standard in the clinical interview.

Applicants who already hold a clinical NTN or DRN in the same specialty as their ACF application will not need to attend a clinical interview as they will already have met the required standard previously.  Please ensure you read the Applicant FAQ Document below regarding the 2017 ACF process.

Please be advised if you are reapplying for the same specialty in a different region you will need to complete and submit the 'Support for reapplying to the same specialty' form (please see below). 

Please note: When searching for specialties on Oriel please ensure you use the specialty title as listed below. 


Cambridge NIHR
Allergy Clinical Radiology
Clinical Genetics Geriatric Medicine
Medical Virology Medical Microbiology
Respiratory Medicine  
Cambridge Local 
Anaesthesia Core Medical Training
General Psychiatry Histopathology
Respiratory Medicine  


Medical Microbiology Old Age Psychiatry

Specialty Training Person Specifications

Specialty Training HEE Website

For further information on the National Institute for Health Research posts please visit the NIHR Website.