Gastroenterology Training Days



There are several training days for all trainees that are run at intervals throughout the year. Trainees are expected to attend 70% of these with attendances recorded at all training days. Sessions are currently held at Newmarket Racing School. The days encompass different aspects of the gastroententerology curriculum and are led by local GI consultants and academic gastroenterologists as well as local and national experts in specialities allied to clinical gastroenterology, such as surgery, oncology and radiology.

Further scheduled training dates are listed in the drop down boxes below.  

Gastroenterology Training Dates 2018


Gastroenterology Training Days - British Racing School, Newmarket

Wednesday 2 May

Friday 29 June

Monday 6 August

Wednesday 14 November


GUT Club - Bedford Lodge, Newmarket

10th May

8th November


Cambridge Liver Symposium

Friday 28th September

Historical Training Days

Gastroenterology Training Days 2016

'Gut Club' dates (Held at Bedford Lodge Hotel, Newmarket) 2016:

  1. Thursday 03rd November 2016:  13:30 - 17:30 
  2. Thursday 27th April 2017: 13:30 - 17:30

20th January 2016 – Irritable Bowel Disorder:

Understanding what IBD is, how it is diagnosed and managed in standard and difficult circumstances, new treatments and using them appropriately and clinical decision making in IBD.

  1. Innate immunity and the gut
  2. Genetics of IBD
  3. Appropriate use of Aminosalicylates in IBD
  4. Management of IBD in pregnancy
  5. Biologicals now and just round the corner
  6. Mimics of Crohns disease
  7. Case histories in IBD

2nd March 2016 – Functional bowel disorders / upper GI

Dealing with common and difficult functional problems in gastroenterology.  Update on common pathologies of the oesophagus and stomach, investigation and surgical approaches to reflux.

  1. ‘Functional’ gastrointestinal diseases – an overview
  2. Management of chronic abdominal pain
  3. The stomach and functional dyspepsia
  4. Dealing with Constipation
  5. Update on Helicobacter pylori
  6. Management of Barrett’s oesophagus
  7. Fundoplication – indications, techniques and complications
  8. Oesophageal manometry techniques and findings

27th April 2016 – Hepato-biliary

Understanding recent advances in viral hepatitis and update on common hepatological conditions including an update of recent guidelines in management of varices.

  1. Autoimmune disorders
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Alcoholic liver disease
  4. Portal hypertension – cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic and management of varices
  5. Drugs and the liver
  6. Hepatitis C
  7. Haemochromatosis

June 2016 - Nutrition

An attempt to consider some more complex aspects of nutrition management that assumes a basic knowledge of nutrition assessment and nutritional requirements – understanding special nutritional issues in different diseases states and reconsidering old arguments on parenteral and enteral routes of nutrition

  1. Amino acids in health and disease
  2. Nutrition in the elderly
  3. Nutrition in malignant disease
  4. Nutrition support on ITU
  5. Management of severe malnutrition
  6. Nutritional and GI complications of obesity surgery
  7. Enteral versus parenteral nutrition

21st September 2016 – Small intestine and pancreas

Understanding basic conditions whilst revisiting established concepts

  1. Enteroendocrine axis in health and disease
  2. Coeliac Disease update
  3. Carbohydrate malabsorption
  4. Pancreatic malignancy
  5. Pancreatic exocrine deficiency
  6. Intestinal Failure and transplantation
  7. The small intestinal microbiome

14th December 2016 – A good day at the orifice?

  1. Research methodology – trial design
  2. Calculating sample size, standard statistical tests
  3. Research ethics, good clinical practice and IRAS
  4. Presentation skills
  5. Oral diseases – maxillo facial
  6. Round the corner – an ENT perspective
  7. Pelvic floor anatomy and dysfunction
  8. Fissures and fistulae
  9. Haemorrhoids and prolapse
  10. Sexually transmitted diseases of the mouth and anus