Foundation FAQ


Score chart

Our EPM score chart is published on our main page.


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National Policy

Click here to read the UKFPO's comprehensive list of Foundation Training FAQ.


General Practice

For information on becoming an Associate Trainer, funding placements or gaining approval to be a Training Practice, please visit this page or contact the GP School.


Preparation for Professional Practice (PFPP)

The mandatory PFPP week starts one week before your training, and your employing Trust will send you full details. 



Your Medical School may ask you to undertake shadowing before you start Foundation Training, in addition to the mandatory shadowing that forms part of your Preparation for Professional Practice (PFPP) week. Contact the Postgraduate Administrator at your Medical School for further information on this. For information on shadowing during your PFPP week, contact your employing Trust. 


Signing Off

Click here to access the UKFPO guide to the ARCP process.

Please visit this page for guidance on:

  • F1 Sign Off, ARCP and Full GMC Registration Process

  • F2 Sign Off, ARCP and Revalidation Process

How do I apply for a one year F2 programme?


  • Click here for detailed information on Locum posts.
Can you send me my AF1C (5.1)/FPCC (5.2)form?

Trainees who completed F1 or F2 between 2013-2017

You will need to download your certificate from ePortfolio NES archive


Trainees who completed F1 or F2 from 2018

 You will need to download your certificate from your personal Horus portfolio. 


Trainees who completed F2 before 2014

We are required to destroy archive papers after five years. Therefore, if you completed training before 2011 and have lost your certificate, it won't be possible to provide a copy.

If you completed F2 after 2011, we can send you a scanned copy of your certificate, which should be accepted as proof of training by any future employer. It's not possible to send you the original certificate; we keep all originals in accordance with our Information Governance regulations.

If you completed F2 after 2008, and have mislaid your official documents, it may be possible to retrieve electronic records of your training and provide a letter of confirmation. Click here to make an enquiry.


Will you send a letter confirming that I completed training with HEEoE?

We are not able to provide letters - AF1C (5.1) and FACD (5.2) certificates are your official proof of training (see above).

Overseas employers should accept these documents as evidence of your postgraduate training, and we can email them directly to the employer with a covering note to guarantee their authenticity. However, we are not able to provide letters of confirmation when copies of your certificates are available. In the unlikely event that your employer takes issue with this policy, you should urge them to contact us directly

If you completed F2 after 2008, and have mislaid your official documents, it may be possible to retrieve electronic records of your training and provide a letter of confirmation. Click here to make an enquiry.


Can I be put on the Foundation reserve list?

Unfortunately not. The reserve list is automatically populated with existing applicants who were not given an initial offer.

If you are disappointed with your programme allocation, or made a mistake when submitting your preferences, possible options are:

  • Request an inter-Foundation School transfer if your circumstances have changed unexpectedly - see the policy and process here

  • Withdraw and re-apply in open competition next year 

Can I be placed in the same area as my partner?

Linked applications offer placements within the catchment area of the Foundation School but we can't guarantee that you and your partner will be placed in the same hospital or city.

For further information on linked applications please refer to page 9 of the Applicants' Handbook.

Am I eligible for study leave?

F1 doctors are not eligible for study leave. F2 trainees may apply for up to 30 days study leave each year in agreement with their employing Trust.

For further details please download the policy attached on this page.