The function of the Board is to provide advice, guidance and strategic direction to the medical specialties. It concentrates particularly on areas of training that affect all specialties such as research, development and training in generic skills such as management and teaching. It supports efforts that enable trainers to find the necessary time and resource to provide good training. The membership includes a representative from all the medical specialties, and also from management and other professions who can advise how top quality medical training can be provided in the hospital Trusts throughout the East of England in the context of busy clinical departments. The aim will be to provide training of the highest standard and to further enhance the high reputation of medical training in the East of England.

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Dr Fraz Mir Head of School
Dr Ian Fellows Education (including Simulation) Lead
Dr Anthony Griffiths CMT Chair
Dr Colin Mason CMT TPD
Dr Jasmine Patel CMT TPD
Dr Adrian Jennings RCP Regional Adviser
Dr Deepak Jain RCP Deputy Regional Adviser
Vacant Chief Executive Representative
Vacant MTI Representative
Vacant Multi-Professional Representative
Liz Harlaar Lay (PPV) Representative
Dr Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan SAS Doctors Representative
Dr Jasmine Patel College Tutor Representative
Dr Madhavi Vindlacheruvu College Tutor Representative
Prof Edwin Chilvers Academic Lead
Dr Brian Huntly Deputy Academic Representative

Specialty Representative


Dr Rachel Quail
Acute Medicine
Dr Pamela Ewan Allergy
Dr Denise Braganza Cardiology
Dr Mark Scoote Cardiology
Dr Soo-Mi Park Clinical Genetics
Dr Dinakantha Kumararatne Clinical Immunology
Dr Andrew Michell Clinical Neurophysiology
Dr Deborah Gregory Clinical Oncology
Dr Kevin O'Shaunessy Clinical Pharmacology
Dr Jane Sterling Dermatology
Dr Tara Wallace Diabetes & Endocrinology
Dr Arun Shankar Gastroenterology
Dr Mohd Abubakar Genito-Urinary Medicine
Dr Duduzile Musa-Betts GIM
Dr Martin Besser Haematology
Dr Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas Infectious Diseases
Dr Danish Mazhar Medical Oncology
Dr John Bradley Nephrology
Dr Tejal Mitchell Neurology
Dr John Buscombe Nuclear Medicine
Dr Paul Grime Occupational Medicine
Dr Rosemary Wade Palliative Medicine
Dr Moheb Gaid outgoing Rehabilitation Medicine
incoming TBC Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr Thomas Pulimood Respiratory Medicine
Dr Sandeep Dahiya Rheumatology
Dr Jonathan Rees Sports and Exercise Medicine
Dr Eoin O'Brien Stroke Medicine
Dr Katie Honney Higher Specialty Trainee Representative
Dr Anthony Martinelli CMT Rep Chair

DEQ Team


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