Respiratory Medicine- Training days

Training days aim to cover the the curricula for respiratory and general medicine developed by the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board

Training days takes place in the education centre at West Suffolk Hospital, or in the lecture theatre at  Papworth Hospital. Attendance is compulsory and there is an attendance register. Please sign in. The attendance register is available to the ARCP panel.

If you cannot attend due to on call commitments or annual leave etc. Please email either Odiri or Aki on

If you have any suggestions or comments on training days, please email Dr John Cannon or Dr Ajay Kamath 



Trainees are encouraged to attend the British Thoracic Society (BTS) meetings, and where appropriate international meetings as well. The East Anglian Thoracic Society (EATS) meets twice yearly and there is a monthly regional study/teaching day for trainees (covering both respiratory and general medicine).

Upcoming Respiratory Training Days

Upcoming Respiratory Training Days: 2018


16th May



14/15th June

Summer BTS


4th July

Lung physiology and exercise

Basildon (flyer attached)

23rd August

New StR induction/GIM/SIM


12th September

Occupational lung disease


10th October


Norfolk and Norwich 

19th December


Norfolk and Norwich

5th - 7th December

Winter BTS

London, QEII Centre


Attendance to training days are compulsary for EoE respiratory trainees. Please email if you are unable to attend


For information on GIM training days, please click here; Please email Elizabeth Hamilton to be added to the mailing list


Historical Training Days

Dates:                   Site:

09.02.2017                    David Dunn Suite, Level 2 Addenbrookes Hospital

15.03.2017                    Lecture theatre, Papworth Hospital*

24.04.2017                    Møller Centre, Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DE (Pre-Book)*

17.05.2017 (EATS)       Trinity Park, Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, IP3 8UH (Eventbrite Invite)

14.06.2017                    (CANCELED)

11.07.2017                    Education Centre, West Suffolk Hospital*

24.08.2017                    Introduction for new StRs, Gim Sessions & SIM Training - David Dunn Suite, Level 2 Addenbrookes Hospital

06.09.2017                   Oncology with Dr David Meek -  Lecture theatre, Papworth Hospital

                                     * FOLLOWED BY CCCRR SEMINAR AT ADDENBROOKES - organised by Dr Frank McCaughan

​03.10.2017                   ICU with Dr Charlotte Summers - Papworth Hospital

19.10.2017                    Transplant with Dr Jas Palmer - Lecture theatre, Papworth Hospital

                                     * FOLLOWED BY CCCRR SEMINAR AT ADDENBROOKES - organised by Jonathan Fuld

November                     EATS - Chelmsford

December                     British Thoracic Society Meeting - Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London

Jan 2018                       Sleep and Ventilation

Feb 2018                       Asthma

March 2018                   Systematic disease ass with lung disease

April 2018                      Pulmonary infections 

Upcoming CCCRR Seminar Series: 2018

Upcoming CCCRR Seminar Series: 2018

Attendance remains compulsory for EoE trainees 

12th July

New treatments in lung cancer

Chair: Dr Prina Ruparelia

23rd August Advances in pulmonary radiology

Chair: Dr Judith Babar

12th September

Pulmonary sepsis

Chair: Dr Charlotte Summers

18th October

Pharmacotherapy in COPD

Chair: Professor Edwin Chilvers


Upcoming Multi - Speciality Training Days and Study Courses:

For a full list of upcoming training events and study courses aimed at all medical specialties within the region - Please visit the following links:

Slides from past training days

Slides from the past training days can be found here

GIM training days

For information on GIM training days, please click here; Please email Elizabeth Hamilton or Joseph Crowe to be added to the mailing list