Curriculum & ARCP​

JRCPTB (Joint Royal College of Physician Training Board): You will need to register with them to activate your eportfolio.



Your E-portfolio will be assessed at ARCP. We would highly recommend keeping it up to date. ARCP normally takes place around June/May yearly.

Helpful hints:

  • Ensure that you have the correct number of assessments appropriately linked to the curriculum
  • Logbook: You are expected to maintain a logbook record of all procedures you perform. There are a variety of apps available to help in this. Most trainees maintain this on an excel spreadsheet, which needs to be uploaded to your personal library.
  • Logbook procedures to record includes:
    • Bronchoscopy – including frequency of lavage/brushing/biopsy and diagnostic hit rate for biopsies
    • Pleural procedures
    • Thoracic ultrasound- All trainees are required to be level 1 competent by CCT
    • NIV setup
  • Clinical logs: You need to log acute take activity and outpatient activity
  • Training day: It is mandatory to attend 70% of sessions
  • Specialist clinic- There are requirements for ITU/CF/Pulmonary hypertension sign off (see below) 
  • Audit: You will need to complete one audit or quality improvement project in respiratory medicine and a separate one for GIM