Eportfolio Access

When starting specialty training, you need to register with the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) to gain access to the Respiratory Medicine eportfolio. 

ARCP explained

What is ARCP?

ARCP = Annual Review of Competency Progression, and is the process by which we ensure you are offering safe, quality patient care and to assess your progression against standards set down  in the curriculum. 

Majority are held in June/July, with a small number in December/January each year. 

ARCP requirements

1.  Educational Supervisor reports for Respiratory Medicine and General Internal Medicine (GIM).  NB. There is a GIM specific Educational Supervisor's report on eportfolio. 
2.  Respiratory Medicine & GIM Curriculum sign offs to demonstrate progress
3.  Academic report if in OOPR (Out of Programme for Research)
4.  WPBAs to meet decision aid requirements, linked to the curriculum
5.  Multiple Consultant Reports x6 (on eportfolio) – not including your ES
6.  Firth Calculator (calculation of time spent in GIM)
8.  Form R

Hints and Tips

1.  Create a new ARCP folder each year with appropriate forms/documents for each ARCP year – this makes the panel's job much easier!
2.  Keep logbooks. You are expected to maintain a logbook record of all procedures you perform. Most trainees maintain this on an excel spreadsheet, which needs to be uploaded to your personal library. Record:
  • Bronchoscopy – including frequency of lavage/brushing/biopsy and diagnostic hit rate for biopsies
  • Pleural procedures
  • Thoracic ultrasound- All trainees are required to be level 1 competent by CCT
  • NIV setup
  • Clinical logs: You need to log acute take activity and outpatient activity
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