PYA GIM Dates 2019

The PYAs in General Internal Medicine for 2019 have been scheduled as follows:

1st March 2019

3rd May 2019

September date tbc


Please contact HEEoE if you believe that you should have a PYA this year:

Dr Duduzile Musa - GIM Training Programme Director 

Anna Stockburn - Assessment Officer 

What is a PYA (Penultimate Year Assessment)?

“The penultimate year assessment (PYA) is unique to physician training and is an arrangement that involves a face-to-face meeting with a senior trainer in your specialty who is external to your deanery/HEE local office. It should normally take place 12-18 months prior to your expected training completion date and is intended to be a supportive process for you as a trainee, where your progress to date will be reviewed against your curriculum.  This period is not pro rata for Less Than Full Time Trainees who will also be required to undergo their PYA 12-18 months prior to completion, regardless of the number of sessions worked per week. The PYA will identify outstanding targets to ensure the requirements of the curriculum are met in full.” JRCPTB

Tips for a successful PYA
  • Review the decision aid (see documents below) at the beginning of your ST6 and discuss with your educational supervisor how you plan to achieve it
  • Self achieve and comment on the GIM curriculum – even if you aren’t competent, state why and how you plan to achieve your competency
  • Ensure all certificates from training days are filed in the personal library – a well organised personal library will help in your assessment
  • Be sure to add anonymised versions of coroner’s statements or incident statements to your library
  • Update your CV – if you start early in the year you will have time to review and alter as needed
Mandatory paperwork

There is mandatory paperwork that must be completed and saved to your personal file for your PYA (they are attached below but may be subject to change)

  • Summary of Clinical Experience (SOCE) Form
  • PYA Report
  • CV
  • 5 minute presentation (an overview of your training)

This presentation should just summarise your training so far, identify any mandatory requirements that you feel still need to be met and can be used to highlight anything you are particularly proud of or to highlight any issues that you are experiencing/have experienced in achieving your training requirements. 

Tuesday, 5 March, 2019
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