Training Committee and Contacts

Specialty Training Committee




Dr Peter Schofield Specialty Training Committee Chair, Consultant RPH

Dr Denise Braganza

Training Committee Chair & Training Programme Director - Anglia

Dr Mark Scoote

Training Programme Director - Essex

Dr Vassilios Vassiliou 

Deputy Training Programme Director - NNUH

Dr Jeremey Sayer

Recruitment Director - Essex

Dr Ian Williams

Recruitment Director - Anglia / Devices - Anglia

Prof Martin Bennett

Academic Adviser

Dr David Farwell

Electrophysiology Representative - Essex

Dr Simon Fynn

Electrophysiology Representative - Anglia

Dr Rosemary Rusk

Imaging - Anglia

Dr Cathy Head


Dr Tim Gilbert

Consultant - Norfolk and Norwich

Dr Fiona Walker

Consultant, University College London Hospital

Dr Almgir Kabir 

Consultant / Education Supervisor - Basildon

Dr Tian Zhao

Trainee Representative for STC / BJCA

Dr James Cranley

Trainee Rep - Training Days / Digital

Dr Vass Memtsas

Trainee Rep - Other events

Dr Paul Venables 

Educational Supervisor - Ipswich

Dr Duncan McNab 

Educational Supervisor - Ipswich

Dr Pegah Salahshouri 

Educational Supervisor - West Suffolk

Dr Moj Goonewardene 

Educational Supervisor - Bedford

Dr Diane Gorog

Educational Supervisor - Stevenage

Deanery Team


Dr Fraz Mir

Head of School of Medicine & Associate Postgraduate Dean

Helen McKee

Recruitment Manager



Training Programme Director
Denise Braganza
TPD EoE Cardiology, Consultant RPH
Deputy Training Programme Director
Vass Vassiliou
Deputy TPD EoE Cardiology, Consultant NNUH
Trainee Representative (STC representative)
Tian Zhao
STC Trainee Rep, Cardiology SpR
Saturday, 14 September, 2019
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Saturday, 14 September, 2019