Healthcare Scientists Careers

Healthcare Scientists Careers

Healthcare Science

Routes into the 50+ healthcare science professions are:

Healthcare science assistants and associates, whose development will be supported by a national learning and development framework with vocational awards and qualifications designed to provide maximum flexibility in the development of a support-role specific to local employer needs.

Healthcare science practitioners, whose training comprises a three-year undergraduate Bachelors Honours degree programme which provides the underpinning knowledge and skill development including fifty weeks of work based training and assessment to ensure trainees are fit for purpose on graduation and can meet the requirements for statutory or voluntary regulatory arrangements.

Clinical scientists, whose training comprises a three-year postgraduate-level programme incorporating two components which are very closely aligned: (i) an academic MSc in Clinical Science with a defined research component and (ii) highly structured and nationally specified workplace training of which the first year is spent in rotational training to develop a broader skill and knowledge base. The remainder of training is spent in a chosen specialism leading to statutory regulation as a Clinical Scientist.

Consultant clinical scientists, whose higher specialist scientific training comprises a five-year doctoral-level programme developed in conjunction with medical Royal Colleges including research, leadership, and specialism-specific clinical scientific content.

National School of Healthcare Science

 The National School of Healthcare Science is an important part of the new system for healthcare science training established through Modernising Scientific Careers. This new system was set up to ensure that patients benefit from the scientific and technical advances by ensuring that healthcare science staff have the knowledge and skills to put these advances into practice.

Academy of Healthcare Science

 The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) brings together the UK’s diverse and specialised scientific community who work across the health and care system including; NHS Trusts, NHS Blood and Transplant, Public Health England, independent healthcare organisations, and within the academic sector across the UK.

Information for Human Resources and Workforce planning.

Modernising Scientific Careers

Accredited Scientific Expertise

The Framework for Accredited Scientific Practice (ASP) in Healthcare Science: A Strategic Approach to Continuing Personal and Professional Development and its companion document Accredited Scientific Practice Development and Implementation Guidance describe the arrangements for ASP and provide practical guidance for the service, professional bodies, and universities to support the establishment of employer-led programmes, supported by the National School of Healthcare and the Academy for Healthcare Science.

The ASP programme presents an important contribution to the healthcare science career framework. ASP is an innovative approach to providing focused, quality assured and accredited continuing personal and professional development (CPPD) for the healthcare science workforce, supporting service and role-based requirements. It will ensure that employers can develop the healthcare science workforce.