Inter Deanery Transfer (outside the East of England)

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Secondment of GP Programme within HEE in the east of England under exceptional circumstances

Once a trainee has accepted a training programme within HEE (EoE), the expectation is that they will fulfil their commitment to that training programme.  

If, in extremely exceptional cases a trainee’s personal circumstances change to such a degree that they cannot fulfil their commitment to the programme they have accepted, the trainee must first of all discuss their situation with their current Training Programme Director, who will in turn speak to the Dean for General Practice Training or their nominated Deputy.   HEE (EoE) expects these cases to be very few and far between and wishes all parties to note that even if a discussion takes place, and a request is approved by the Dean, there is no guarantee that a placement can be found as EOE is an extremely popular place to train and as such 100% of places are filled.  Trainees are advised and will be expected to have considered every alternative solution prior to discussing a secondment with their TPD, eg LTFT training and OOP(C). Trainees and programme directors should note that it is only in the most exceptional of circumstances that a secondment between programmes will be approved.