Roles and Function of the School of General Practice

The East of England School of General Practice is the commissioning, administrative and delivery unit for GP education within Health Education East of England and is part of the Directorate of Education and Quality based in Victoria House, Capital Park. The School is responsible for the recruitment, training, quality assurance and continued professional development of all trainees and General Practitioners in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. The Head of School is the Postgraduate GP Dean and the School is governed by the School Board. Through a wide membership the Board provides oversight and governance of the School’s activities. It undertakes the statutory function of recommending programmes for GP training in primary and secondary care to the GMC as well as the selection of GP Trainers for approval by the GMC.

The School Board

The board consists of the GP Deans, trainee and trainer representatives from GP specialty training programmes, Area Teams, Clinical Commissioning Groups including other primary care professionals, the RCGP, Local Medical Committees, Tutors and Programme Directors and importantly lay colleagues.

We collaborate with all organisations who have an interest in the development of General Practice. These include the universities locally; Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge, Bedford, East Anglia, Essex and the postgraduate school in Hertfordshire as well as the East Anglia, Essex and Hertfordshire and South Midlands Area Teams, CCGs and Hospital Trusts.

Our overall aim is to ensure the delivery of high quality patient care in the NHS by:

·         Delivering high quality education for general practice trainees

·         Supporting good education for and continuing development of established GPs

·         Supporting GP educators

·         Facilitating development of Multi-Professional education within primary care.

·         Facilitating and fostering educational research


Objectives of the EoE School Board of GP Education

1.    To provide advice to the Postgraduate GP Dean as Head of School, and thus to the Postgraduate Dean about the delivery of the RCGP curriculum within the GP speciality training programmes.
This includes the following:

·           Career advice

·           Selection and recruitment processes

·           Development of and recommendation to the GMC of Specialty Training Programmes (STP) so as to obtain GMC approval for training

·           GP Trainer development, assessment and recommendation of the approval of GP Trainers to the GMC

·           Primary care learning environment assessment and approval

·           Assessment processes

·           Personalised programmes for less than full time StRs

·           Assessment and assistance for StRs in difficulty.

2.   To provide evidence to the Postgraduate Dean and the RCGP of the quality control of specialty training for general practice programmes and how the curriculum, including assessment, is being delivered.

3.    To provide a forum for Health Education East of England , the Royal College of General Practice (RCGP), Local Medical Committees (LMCs), trainers, trainees, service providers, and lay representatives to be involved in the development of the primary care workforce and specialty programmes for general practice.

4.   To provide advice to Health Education East of England on workforce support and planning in primary care, including the retainer and returner schemes.

5.   To provide advice to Health Education East of England on GP post certification issues, appraisal, revalidation and remediation.