GP School Monthly Educators Update - Archive

Below you can find an archive of the monthly GP Educator and TPD update emails.

April 2019

Educators Update:

• Agreeing PDP Objectives at an ESR

• Revised GP Educator Approvals Process


• ESR Feedback

• Tiered Training Structure for New Educators

• New Prescribing Assessment for ST3 Trainees

• LTFT Application Forms

• Zero Tolerance for Bullying and Undermining in the East of England

• National Medical Indemnity Scheme

• FREE Baby Friendly GP Update Courses

• National Point of Care Tool

• Essential Knowledge Challenge 2019

• SuppoRTT

• Regional Study Days

• Useful Links


View here: GP Educators April 2019 Update


EKC2019.1 Deaneries

BMJ Best Practice - User Guide for Sharing



TPDs Update:

• Dates for the Diary

• LTFT Application Forms

• LTFT Forms – Queries Answered

• GP Educators Approval Process

• GP Training Practices – Trainee Capacity

• Quality Management Framework

• ARCP Season

• Exam Support Referrals

• ST4 Quality Improvement Fellows

• Recruitment Assessors

• HEE Hub Days

• Double Trainers Grant

• FREE Baby Friendly GP Update Courses

• SuppoRTT

• Study Leave Forms


View here: GP TPD April 2019 Update


Applying for Approval as a GP Educator

Panel Chair and Members Guide March 2019


March 2019

Educator Update:

  • Time out of Training

  • OOH Training

  • Review of Study Leave Guidance

  • Guidance for Remote Educational Supervision of ST1 and ST2 GP trainees

  • Short Posts or Periods when Trainees aren’t Engaging in ePortfolio Very Well

  • Other Updates from ‘Guidance for the Content of Speciality Training Programmes for General Practice, April 2019

  • GP ePortfolio Password

  • Request from the RCGP

  • Specialised Clinical Commissioning – Potential Opportunity

  • Regional Study Days

  • Useful Links


View here: GP Educators March 2019 Update


CCT Guidance RCGP - COGPED 2019

Short Post and Lack of ePortfolio Evidence March 2019

External ES Guidance 2019

Specialised Commissioning Clinical Recruitment 2019/20 Advert


TPD Update:

  • Medical Indemnity for GP Trainees
  • Trainees where there are concerns about Foundation Competency
  • TOOT – that dreaded word!


View here: GP TPD March 2019 Update


CS Responsibility During Placement

Assessing Foundation Competency Flowchart

February 2019

Educators Update:

• National Performers List (Will a change of name affect their ability to work?)

• Examination Guidance for GP Trainees who are OOP for any reason

• Latest Research Alert from PCU on Anticipatory Prescribing

• Taking Exams Whilst not in Active Training

• ARCP Advice for ST3 Trainees

• Form R and Wider Scope of Practice Form

• Exceptional 5th attempts for the AKT and CSA

• GMC Approval Status for GP Trainers and Practice Locations

• PSU – Communication Skills Workshop

• Applications for LTFT Training

• Managing UTIs in Older People in the Community

• Regional Study Days

• Useful Links


View here: GP Educator February 2019 Update


TPDs Update:

• National Performers List (Will a change of name affect their ability to work?)

• Media Appearances

• Endorsing External Education Events


View here: GP TPD February 2019 Update

January 2019

Educators Update:

• The Rural Primary Care Conference 2019

• Changes to the IDT Process

• Guidance on Consent Procedures for Audio-COTs

• Advice on How to Set ESR Review Periods

• Do you fancy being a CSA Examiner?

• Referrals to the PSU

• PSU Annual Development Day 2019

• Understanding the Professional Competencies Underpinning GP Training

• Support Groups for IMG Trainees

• ARCP Panel member/Chair Training Requirements

• Targeted GP Training

• Regional Study Days

• Useful Links


View here: GP Educator January 2019 Update


TPDs Update:

• TPD Development Days

• Code of Practice Forms

• Urgent and Unscheduled Care

• Review of Educator Approval Processes

• Recruitment to General Practice Training – Round 1R

• Maternity leave, ST3 trainees and ARCPs

• Internal Secondments under Exceptional Circumstances Within the EOE


View here: GP TPD January 2019 Update

December 2018

Educators Update:

• TPD/AD for Advice Before Self-referring to the GMC

• SuppoRTT

• Update on Assessors for Eportfolio Assessments

• Regional Study Days

• GP Placements – Supervision

• GP Trainee Sickness or Absence for any other reason for more than 4 weeks

• Useful Links


View here: GP Educators December 2018 Update


TPDs Update:

• ARCP Chair Training

• Recruitment

• ARCP Process for ST3 Trainees on Maternity Leave


View here: GP TPD December 2018 Update


May 2019

Educators Update:

• New Tiered Training for Educators
• Updated website pages about ARCPs
• Pharmacist Survey
• Annual Education Event on 11th September 2019
• ePortfolio Guide for Hospital Based Clinical Supervisors
• Hold the date: Multi-professional Autumn Seminar - Sept 17th to 19th
• GP School Development Days
• Form Rs and ARCPs
• Regional Study Days
• Useful Links

View Here: GP Educators - HEE EoE May Update

TPD Update:

• Study Leave – Updated FAQs
• Accreditation of Transferable Competency Framework ATCF Trainees
• HEE Learner Engagement Event
• Update After TPD Development Day

View Here: GP TPDs - HEE EoE Update


NHET Sim Flyer May 2019

ASPiH 2018 Workshop Slides - NHET Sim UK Project

Annual Education Event - 11th September 2019

Becoming A Tier 2 Educator (AT)

Becoming A Tier 3 Educator (Trainer)

Study Information Leaflet

June 2019

Educator Update:

• Indemnity Arrangements
• BMJ Best Practice – User Guide
• Mandatory ST3 Prescribing Assessment – August 2019
• Changes to OOH Training in August 2019
• Trainees Involved in SUIs or Ongoing Investigations of any Sort
• Veteran Friendly Accredited GP Practices – would your practice be interested in this?
• Regional Study Days
• Useful Links

Veiw Here: GP Educators - HEE EoE June Update

TPD Update:

• Mandatory ST3 Prescribing Assessment – August 2019
• Annual School Plan
• Posts that are being Monitored Under the QMF
• Procurement for Regional Training Courses
• National Performers List
• October TPD Development Day
• KIT Days
• Urgent and Unscheduled Care Training

Veiw Here: GP TPDs - HEE EoE June Update

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