The process for new approvals and re-approvals of GP Educators and Learning Environments including OOH Providers is described below.  Applications and assessments are now separate for the GP Educator and the Environment.

New Approvals

  • Learning Environment/ Practice: Associate GP Dean (AD)/Training Programme Director (TPD) to visit with a team
  • GP Educator:  AD/TPD to interview, either at the practice or at MEC/ HEEoE. This could also be done as part of a practice visit
  • All new approvals for 1 year initially

Such visits and interviews will be arranged by the local GP Specialty Training administrator for the programme concerned, after liaising with the AD/ TPDs.


For each county there will be a regular GPQMG Panel set-up who will meet to review all relevant submitted applications and recommend the following outcomes depending on the submitted evidence:

  • GP educator/ practice approval for the standard period (5 years maximum with re-approval in 4 years)
  • GP educator / practice approval for a shorter period with recommendations for action
  • A full approval visit

Each county GP QM Group will be made up as follows:



Associate GP Dean/ Training Programme Director (Chair)

Practice Manager

GP Trainer


GP Trainee (from another area)


The GP QM Group will examine all applications with the evidence provided by the applicant and access further evidence including any CQC reports and information on Primary Care Web Tool, BOS (Bristol Online Survey) feedback from trainees and TPD information about the trainer or environment.

Health Education East of England (HEEoE) assessors will record their judgement on the application and evidence. This judgement and any recommendations will be added to the original application form, and a summary of all outcomes at the meeting made. The form is designed to be completed by all parties electronically. Paper applications or handwritten ones will not be accepted. Supporting evidence will be required which should be available prior to the approval (regardless of whether a new or re-approval). The Practice and/or GP Educator performance will be categorised as Satisfactory or Cause for Concern. The standard for appointment and re-appointment is satisfactory in all areas examined; recognition of excellence should be recorded where appropriate. The standards will be kept up to date as GMC HEEoE guidance changes. Applicants should refer to the criteria for the selection of re-approval of Environments, Trainers and Supervisors and other supporting documents on the website for more information about evidence requirements.

Process where concerns have been raised

Where there are any concerns about a training practice, the TPD and AD should visit, either at the expected time for re-approval or earlier, as appropriate. If there are concerns about a trainer, but not about their practice, an interview should be arranged.

Quality checks of process

10% of practice and GP Educator approvals will be selected for quality checks of the process, and may be visited or interviewed as part of this process.

Requests for a visit or interview

Should any environment wish to have a re-approval visit, or a GP Educator an interview, this can be arranged.

If you have a question regarding your approval/re-approval application, please email

The forms and guidance you will need are available below.