GP Careers Advice and Support

General Practice is a great career and there are many people in HEEoE to advise you. We are here to provide you with advice if you are thinking of applying for GP training and once you qualify to help you choose the right career path.

The National Recruitment Office provides excellent careers advice for those considering a career in general practice.

Once you have joined one of our 18 GP Specialty Training Programmes the Training Programme Directors are available for careers advice along with your Educational Supervisor.

A presentation is also available to help you prepare for your future career and employment.

Included in this section of the website there are further Careers Support Resources along with information regarding the Retainer Scheme, the Induction and Refresher Scheme and advice for doctors who need support when difficulties arise. There is also a document download with information about Prolonged Study Leave.

For further careers advice and support please contact Dr Sarah Rann.

Out of Programme Experience 
An exciting opportunity for an Out of Programme Experience in South Africa, please find further information here