Health Education East of England - Cambridge

Health Education England, in collaboration with the Primary Care Unit, University of Cambridge, will jointly offer 1 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow post to start in August 2018 and 1 locally funded post which is available to current GP Trainees in the East of England.  Academic training within the post is fully integrated into the highly regarded Cambridge GPST Programme with an academic strand maintained across the whole four-year period tailored to the post-holder’s needs. The Academic Clinical Fellow will be on one of the rotations on the Cambridge GPST for the four years of their training. During this time they will spend 6 months in clinical and academic general practice, followed by 18 months in hospital posts. They will then spend the equivalent of a further 9 months full time in the academic environment over the following 18 months, with the remainder in general practice and a final 6 months in full time general practice.

Strong candidates with an interest in pursuing a career in primary care research are encouraged to apply.  Successful applicants will be encouraged to complete the University of Cambridge MPhil in Primary Care Research, or equivalent degree, and will receive individually tailored academic mentoring and supervision in order to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in research methods and medical education.  The academic programme will also include practical experience of research through an apprenticeship to an existing research team and opportunities to conduct and publish well defined personal research projects with a view to developing an application for a doctoral training fellowship.  Clinical training will focus on the generalist clinical knowledge base and special skills in the area of research interest.

Further information

Further information about the University department can be found at

Specific enquiries about the Cambridge Programme can be addressed to

Prof Jonathan Mant

The person specification for entry is common to all regions. NIHR applications must be made via Oriel.  Applications for the local post (current GP Trainees), to be sent to Trina Braddick at  The closing date for both posts is 1700 on 6 November 2017. You must have been offered and accepted an ST1 GP training programme to start in August 2018 for the NIHR post or be in current GP ST2/3 training for the local post to be eligible to apply.