Tomorrow's Teachers 

In order to ensure a supply of doctors and dentists who are educated, trained and motivated to play their part in a first class modern health service,

Health Education England - East of England Office (HEE EoE), has developed a faculty of trainees to deliver Tomorrow’s Teachers training across the region.

Tomorrows Teachers is a highly acclaimed one day teaching course. The aim of the course is to: “maximise teaching and learning in the workplace”. The course is run by EoE trainees  for EoE trainees. It is a hands-on, interactive course with a mixture of small group work where the delegates will learn by sharing their own experiences and short lectures delivered by the faculty. The course was founded in the Wessex Deanery in 2001 and through a joint venture was brought to the EoE where it has been running here since 2012. Ties remain between the Wessex and EoE faculty who meet annually to share new ideas and further develop the course.

Teaching and supervision are important skills in any doctor's career. These are particularly difficult to learn in the increasingly time pressured and demanding modern clinical environment. The course is suited to trainees who have had previous teaching experience. Participation will build enthusiasm and confidence to fulfil this educational role in the most effective and efficient way.

Upcoming Courses

Upcoming  Courses:

30th April 2019

1st May 2019

16th July 2019

17th May 2019

Please note these course dates are now fully booked. To be added to the waiting lists please email with your preferred date(s).

Please note this is a one day course. To register for a space, please click on the relevant link above. Once registered, delegates will be expected to make an online payment of £100. This is to be received within 5 days of successfully registering a place. Places are not guaranteed until payment has been received.

Please direct any questions or queries to

There will be 6 courses per year. Notifications for upcoming courses will be emailed to you and posted here.

Details of the Course

Structure of the day and objectives:

  • Understanding the basic principles of adult learning theory
  • Relating adult learning theory to clinical teaching sessions in a variety of settings
  • Learning how to identify educational opportunities in day-to-day practice
  • Practising teaching skills in a supportive group
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Exploring teaching dilemmas

Who is the course for:

The course is open to all FY2s, CTs, STs and GP registrars in the East of England.


£100 (may vary depending on venue see email advertisement specific to course)

Preparation before attending:

Upon confirmation of securing a place on the course delegates will be sent joining instructions. Within the instructions, delegates are asked to prepare a 5 minute teaching session or presentation on a subject of the delegates choice. The subject must be non-medical and can be on any subject matter such as a skill, hobby or interest. Skills have even been taught in the past.  Please note that in order to aid your skills as a teacher using alternative resources, use of Power-Point, laptops, iPads and OHPs is strictly forbidden. However, we do encourage you to bring posters, pictures and other visual aids. To ensure that all members of the group get a fair allocation of time, you will be asked to stop when your five minutes has elapsed. The purpose of giving the presentations is to practice presentation skills and give delegates a chance to practice feedback skills. Candidates who prepare well for this session tend to get the most out of it. 

Current Faculty

Matthew Roe - Course Director

I am an anaesthetics SpR and attended one of the first courses held in the region.  It gave me some great ideas on how to improve my teaching and so I enjoyed the course so much I joined the faculty shortly after!  It also inspired me to complete a PG Cert in Medical Education and I hope to be able to inspire others who attend the Tomorrow’s Teachers course in the future.

Ben Miller – Course Director 

I am a GP registrar and joined the faculty in 2015. I have always enjoyed teaching 'on the job' and when attending the course as an F2 I found it helped me open my eyes as to how I could develop in this area. I am one of the Cambridge University Clinical Supervisors and enjoy putting what we teach in the course into practice. Away from work, I enjoy trying my hand at various sports, hiking and bbq. 

Laura Minns – Faculty Member

I am an obstetrics and gynecology registrar and joined the faculty in 2015. I went on the course to learn more creative ways of teaching especially when busy. I am passionate about teaching and feel that on the job teaching is equal to or more useful than formal teaching. I enjoy gardening, sewing and traveling in my time off work!

Nikhil Ganjoo – Faculty Member

I am a Neonatal Registrar and have recently joined the team as faculty. After having completed my Tomorrows Teachers course and understanding some basics of Medical Education through the PG Cert in Medical Education, I feel empowered to facilitate the learning for patients, families and other junior doctors in my working environment and on the course. I am also a Neonatal Life Support Course instructor and in my free time I enjoy music, dance and playing with my young child.

James Gill – Faculty Member 

I am a T&O SpR, I have been involved with the course since its inception in the EoE and am delighted that we are now able to deliver the course in the EoE with local trainees. Away from fixing bones and Tomorrows Teachers I take part in Ironman triathlons for fun

Charlotte Chant - Faculty Member 

I am an Obstetrics and Gynaecology registrar and joined the faculty in 2017. I feel education is an important aspect of medicine and I went on the course to develop my skills further. I found it so useful I wanted to join the faculty and was inspired to take on other teachings roles since then. My other interests include reading, baking and travelling.


"The course has inspired me to become more involved in teaching"

"Very good use of the time available and many principles of good teaching seen in practice. Thank you"

“Very well structured, friendly & accessible facilitators”

How to become a member of the HEE EoE Tomorrow's Teachers Faculty

If you have attended a Tomorrow’s Teachers Course and wish to be considered as a member of the faculty please complete the following Application Form.

Completed applications should be sent to, any queries should also be directed to this address

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