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Success: What Lies Behind the Mask? - 3 June 2021

Success: What Lies Behind the Mask? An Exploration of the Imposter Syndrome 

Have you ever experienced a sinking feeling of being 'found out'? Worried that someone will discover that you are not good enough after all? You are not alone, over 70% of the population experience this 'Imposter Syndrome' at some point in their lives. This workshop explores what the Imposter Syndrome is, why it develops and importantly, how to deal with and mitigate against the effects. And why it is not really a syndrome, but a phenomenon!


Participants will leave equipped with the tools to identify it in themselves and others, and how to cope with and overcome the feelings.

The workshop will include:

  • What the imposter phenomenon is
  • Why it isn’t a syndrome
  • How it differs from self-doubt
  • What are the possible causes and triggers
  • Strategies for handling and overcoming imposter feelings
  • Re-writing your “story”
  • How to help others

Date: Thursday 3 June 2021
Time: 09:30 - 12:30
Venue: Virtual via live webinar 

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Emotional Intelligence - 30 June 2021

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. Leaders with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they are feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people. This session provides a fantastic opportunity to think about your EI using five key elements and how these are essential for successful leadership.  

By the end of this webinar you will learn: -

  • What the five key elements of EI are and the benefits that this can bring to your leadership roles.
  • From a cultural perspective, we'll consider the impact of culture and EI in relation to healthcare.
  • How to apply this knowledge to create and support an emotionally intelligent working environment.

Date: Wednesday 30 June 2021
Time: 10:00 - 11:30
Venue: Virtual via live webinar 

Book: To book a space on this course, please click here.

Cultural Safety - TBC

Details to follow shortly. 

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Friday, 23 August, 2019
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Friday, 23 August, 2019