London & South East and East of England Repatriation Project


What is the repatriation project?

The scope of the repatriation project includes the return of 615 foundation posts funded by the East of England, hosted in 8 Acute Trusts within the East of England but currently managed by foundation schools within Health Education London and the South East (specifically: North East Thames Foundation School, North West Thames Foundation School and North Central Thames Foundation School).  This will require the development of new foundation training programmes within EOE, and the reconstruction of programmes within London and the South East. In both cases the programmes will need to provide a good educational and training experience that will satisfy both curricular and quality requirements to deliver excellent patient care. The process of repatriating foundation training posts has been supported through regular liaison meetings between London and East of England Foundation Schools within Health Education England (HEE), resulting in strong working relationships. As a result of this productive collaboration, many policies have been aligned, leading to a very positive approach to this project. 


Within EoE a new Foundation School is being established to manage the repatriated programmes in Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire. The new school will be known as the Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Foundation School (EBHFS) and will be led by a newly appointed Foundation School Director, Dr Helen Johnson, who will work alongside the East Anglia Foundation School Director (EAFSD), Professor John Saetta.

Returned foundation programmes have been received from all 8 NHS Acute Trusts in the EBH part of EoE and are currently being reviewed by the EAFSD to ensure that they meet curricular requirements, and that there is no destabilisation of training during any transition. Individual communications have been organised with HEE, EoE and the NHS Trusts in the eastern region to support this process.  London foundation schools have been implementing a similar process to ensure the successful repatriation of the foundation training posts with the North East Thames, North West Thames and North Central Thames foundation schools reconfiguring their existing training programmes. Both EoE and LSE are using the post reconciliation process to ensure broadening of foundation programmes is achieved.

Timeframe for change

The intention is that all London-managed foundation posts will return to EOE managed programmes by August 2018. This programme of change will take place over a two-year period commencing in August 2017.

Foundation year 1 doctors will be recruited to EOE managed foundation programmes from August 2017.  This cohort will enter FY2 in 2018.

Trainees who have been recruited to London managed foundation programmes in 2016, and who would be entering FY2 training in August 2017, will continue to complete their foundation training programme within London Foundation schools.

There may be a small number of trainees whose individual circumstances will need to be accommodated: these trainees will remain under the patronage of their original foundation school.  It is anticipated that the number of trainees that may fall into this group is likely to be very small.

Newly restructured programmes will need to be identified by June 2016 in order to be advertised through the National Recruitment Portal. The programmes will then be fixed and will go live in March 2017 for selection by allocated applicants.

Details of the transitional year arrangements must also be known by September 2016 in order to confirm that the project is on track for full integration by August 2018. 

Specialty programmes

The deadline for the return of all Specialty Response Templates from Training Programme Directors (TPDs) (31st March 2016) has now passed. The Project Team have reviewed responses and produced a report for consideration by the Steering Group/Project Board on 14th April 2016.  Further meetings with HoS, TPDs and PGDs have been scheduled to take place throughout 2016 to confirm next steps and initiate the implementation plan. The plans for repatriations occurring in 2016 have now been finalised, and can be accessed either by downloading the June Briefing document at the bottom of this page or clicking here.   

The indicitave plans for repatriations occuring in the 2017/18 academic year can be found in the Winter Briefing Document within the briefing documents section of the website or by clicking here.

Communications with Trainees




December 2015

Letter from Postgraduate Dean (London) via email

London Trainees

December 2015

Letter and templates from Postgraduate Deans (London and EoE) via email

Heads of School (HoS) and

Training Programme Directors (TPDs)

January 2016


Letter from Postgraduate Dean (EoE) via email

East of England Trainees

January 2016


Responses to emails from trainees, HoS or TPDs

Specific to query

January 2016


Foundation School  workshop to discuss repatriation

FTPDs, FSMs, MEMs in London facing NHS Trusts

February/March 2016


Meetings with HoS and TPDs

Specific specialties


Briefing document circulated

Key Stakeholders

April 2016

Meetings with HoS and TPDs

Specific specialties


Briefing document circulated

Key Stakeholders

Responses to emails from trainees, HoS or TPDs

Specific to query

May 2016

Meetings with HoS and TPDs

Specific specialties


Meeting with Foundation School Director and Medical Education Managers to agree Foundation Training Programmes

Princess Alexandra Hospital

Teleconference with Foundation School Director and Medical Education Managers at East of England Trusts Managers to agree Foundation Training Programmes

Luton and Dunstable

Key contacts

A generic inbox has been set up for all communication for the London and East of England Repatriation Project. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact:


If you have additional questions and would like a member of the Project Team to join one of your meetings or a regular forum you host then please email a request to with the details of the event, one of the team will then contact you to make suitable arrangements.

Trainee Representatives

Trainee Representatives from London and South and East and the East of England were invited to join the monthly Steering Group/Project Board meetings to ensure the trainee voice contributes towards the progress of the project. 

Please email the Trainee Representative for your Health Education England local office on the relevant email address listed below:

East of England Trainee Representative

Dr Nicholas Chua (Clinical Radiology) -

London and South East Trainee Representative

Mr Nick Aresti (Trauma and Orthopaedics) -