Welcome to ACCS East of England. This is a large programme involving 17 hospitals and over 100 trainees. You can be quite a disparate group with your varied career goals. The ACCS programme will attempt to provide you with the early building blocks for those careers with varied and plentiful clinical experience as well as an excellent teaching programme and good educational and pastoral support.

The teaching programme is organised at different venues throughout the region so that travelling is shared out. Trainees are invited to elect a representative in year 1 who hopefully will continue in this role into year 2 so that at any time there are 2 trainee representatives attending training committees and participating in other activities such as hospital visits. The framework for the training committee can be found under all the parent speciality website pages. There is one ACCS TPD who works closely with the College Tutors and the leads for all 4 specialities. We have developed a handbook which contains much of the information you need, together with links to relevant sites and addresses for contacts. This is updated annually. All trainees have access to educational resources such as previous presentations, and the up to date rotation maps.

Usually trainees spend 2 or even 3 years in one hospital. ACCS consists of 2 years with 4 six-month periods in each of the four specialities of Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthetics. You then return to your parent speciality and should look at the appropriate areas of the website for the arrangements for this. If you are an EM trainee on a run-through programme then you will be based in your first hospital for 3 years, and then (subject to satisfactory progress) you will be asked for your preferences for a Higher Speciality Rotation. Progress is determined by satisfactory outcomes at the annual ARCP and the requirements for this can be found in the handbook.

OOPEs (Out of Programme Experience) are generally not permitted in the 2 years of an ACCS programme. After these 2 years those considering this should discuss their potential plans with their educational supervisor and the Training Programme Director.

The ACCS EM programme has linked up with African Health Placements to offer Global Health Fellowships to rural South Africa as one year OOPEs yaken between ST3 and ST4. More information can be found here.

Less than full time training (LTFT) can be arranged following the regulations in the Gold Guide