Educational Supervisor Application Forms 2018-19

Educational Supervisor Application Forms

If you wish to be a Dental Foundation Educational Supervisor for 2018-19 please download and save in a folder the documents and forms available on this page. Please read carefully the information on this page and in the documents to make your application.

The applications forms need to be completed and digitally signed using the Adobe Reader app.  Please do NOT use a tablet or iPad for this, you need a computer (PC or Mac) to be able to open the forms. You must have installed either the latest version Adobe Reader DC. Please do not use any earlier version. You can download Adobe Reader by clicking on the button here.

Please be sure that you store all the downloaded forms in a folder on your computer. To prevent problems with opening the forms, you may find it best to open Adobe Reader first and then use the 'File' - 'Open' commands to open each form.


Please click on the buttons below to get full details about the application process and about being an Educational Supervisor. 


The buttons below will download the 2018-19 HEE-EoE person and practice specifications.


Guidance about the Digital Signing process can be downloaded here.


Application Forms for All Applicants

If you are a new applicant or you are a current HEE EoE Trainer (not part-way through a multi-year appointment) you need to download and save these forms in a folder before opening them in Adobe Reader for completion. The best way to download these forms is to 'right click' your mouse on the button and then (depending on the web browser you use)  select 'Save Link as......'  or 'Save Target as.....' which will allow you to choose the folder into which you wish to save the individual Parts A, B and C:


IF you 'left click'  your mouse on the button, your web browser may try to open the form and then may give a warning that it may not be able to display these .pdf forms - if that is the case, look for the download button that will appear at the top right of  your screen and then you will be able to save the .pdf form in a folder of your choice. 


Introduction to DFT Course

Information about the Introduction to Dental Foundation Training course for new applicants can be downloaded from here:


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