AHP Careers

Allied Health Professional Careers

Allied Health Professional careers follow a number of flexible pathways;

Clinical Leadership – graduate clinicians may become specialists, specialist generalists and/or extend their scope of practice.  The highest grade within the clinical pathways is Consultant Allied Health Professional with a responsibility for education, research, leadership, and a clinical caseload. 

Strategic Leadership – Allied Health Professionals populate all levels of the strategic leadership pathway, from therapy managers to chief executives of PCTs. However, the numbers achieving senior strategic positions are still small.

Academic – the academic career pathway takes a variety of forms, from joint clinical and teaching posts, clinical placement facilitation through to Dean and Vice Chancellor                      

Research – Allied Health Professionals undertake research at any stage of their career along any career path.  Multi-professionals developing along the research career path work in organisations such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

If you are interested in finding out more about a career as one of the above, please visit the NHS Careers site.