LTFT Leads


LTFT Specialty Leads


"I was extremely reticent to apply for LTFT as I thought professionally it might reflect poorly on me. In reality I have met with overwhelming support from both other registrars and also my consultants." - Laura Blackburn, ST3 Gastroenterology trainee. 




Our Programme Director for LTFT, Dr Francesca Crawley, has been working hard to allocate specific LTFT advisors to each school/specialty.

We thought it would be helpful to identify a dedicated LTFT consultant advisor and trainee advisor for each school/specialty.

The purpose of these roles is to provide advice and support to trainees looking to apply or already working LTFT.

Please find in the grid below contact details for the Consultant and Trainee LTFT Lead for your school/specialty.

Please feel free to contact them for advice relating to LTFT training.

As well as this please feel free to direct any queries relating to the LTFT application process to our generic inbox:



Consultant/Trainee Lead



Anaesthetics Consultant Elspeth Reid TPD
Anaesthetics Trainee Laura Kessack (ST6 Trainee)
Emergency Medicine Consultant Francoise Sheppard
Emergency Medicine Trainee Jill Patterson
Foundation Consultant Francesca Crawley
General Practice Consultant Vijay Nayar HoS
General Paractice Consultant Sarah Rann
Haematology Consultant Emma Gudgin
Haemotology Trainee Emily Mitchell
Haemotology Trainee Katherine Sturgess
O&G Consultant Sarah Reynolds TPD
Paediatrics Consultant Anne Ingram
Psychiatry Consultant Fiona Thompson
Public Health Consultant Sara Godward;
Radiology Consultant Emma Senior
Radiology Consultant Jude Barbar
School of Surgery Trainee Olivia Will
General Surgery Consultant Bhaskar Kumar
General Surgery Trainee Antonia Wells
ENT Consultant Geni Rodgers
Paediatric Surgery Consultant Claire Jackson
Plastic Surgery Consultant Ian Grant
Plastic Surgery Trainee Sarah Bache
T&O Consultant Vigdis Thorisdottir
Urology Consultant Georgina Wilson
CMT Consultant Thida Win
CMT Consultant Anthony Chan
Cardiology Consultant Denise Braganza
Clinical Oncology Consultant Fiona Harris
Dermatology Consultant TBC TBC
Endo & Diabetes Consultant Eleanor Gurnell
Gastroenterology Consultant Anita Gibbons
Gastroenterology Trainee Laura Blackburn
Rheumatology Consultant Rita Abdulkader
Respiratory Consultant Nick Simler
Care of the Elderly Consultant Joanna Hampton