ST4 Clinical Commissioning and Leadership Fellows

From   August   2017,   Health Education England (HEE), working across the East of England, is offering four Clinical Commissioning and Leadership Fellows posts as an ST4 year. These posts  will  offer   experience   in general practice  to  consolidate previous training and allow application to the GMC for a Certificate of Completion of Training at the  end  of the  ST4  year  combined  with  a flexible  educational  package developing participants commissioning and leadership skills and aptitude for clinical commissioning.

The aims of the Clinical Commissioning and Leadership Fellows Scheme are:

To produce new GPs with:
  • - Knowledge and experience of Commissioning and Leadership.
  • - Continuing experience of general practice in a practice involved with commissioning and leadership with oversight by an educational supervisor culminating in a CCT at the end of the ST4 year.
Trainees will benefit through:
  • - PG Cert in Clinical Medicine (see below).
  • - A Programme of self-development aiming to equip them with Commissioning Competences.
  • - Leadership development through involvement with the HEE’s Leadership framework; a fantastic opportunity to test and develop leadership skills, to provide solutions for organizational and system issues.
  • - Immersion in live commissioning and leadership issues.
  • - Opportunity for involvement in Leadership projects over the year.

Fellows will be supported by coaching, mentoring and masterclasses delivered by specialists from both inside and outside the healthcare sector.

Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Medicine:

This Fellowship includes a PG Cert in Clinical Medicine with the University of Cambridge which will be fully funded by HEEFor further details about the course details, programme and entry requirements please see the website -

Who is eligible?

Fellows will be senior GP trainees who hold an NTN and are at ST3 level.

Further Information:

Please see the attached guidance document for the Fellowship Overview, Person Specification, Job Description and FAQs (linked below).

If you have any questions please contact the GP School Administrator.

How to apply:

In order to take advantage of this opportunity you will need to complete the attached application form (linked below) and submit this to The GP School at by 30 May 2017.

Applications should be sent with your CV and confirmation that you are expected to complete the requirements of MRCGP by August 2017 from your Educational Supervisor. 

Please note that separate applications must be made to both HEE, for the Clinical Commissioning and Leadership Fellowship, and the University of Cambridge, for the PG Cert in Clinical Medicine. 

Interviews will be held on 21 June 2017 at HEE Offices, Victoria House, Fulbourn. 

As part of the interview process shortlisted applicants will be expected to give a five minute presentation on “My ideal commissioning and leadership project to improve patient care and aid choice in general practice”.

The interview panel will include representatives from both HEE and the University of Cambridge.